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Growing Your Business? So, What Next?

So your business has started to take off and is growing — well done! You’ve sold your product or service and you’re making money. You feel like you've done the hard yards as a sole trader, and you think you could be ready for the next step – incorporating a company.
Don't Survive. Thrive.

Don’t Survive – Thrive!

I was reading recently that there are literally billions of conversations and interactions happening every single day over social channels.  The challenge is; how do you grow your business amongst all the chatter and how do you use that information to find those really pertinent insights to grow your business and connect with your customers?

Is Cash King?

Ever wanted to know how to get a small business owner to squirm? Ask them how their cash flow is going, the response will be like seeing someone leave the dentist after three fillings!

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