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Four Signs Your Business Needs Funding

Four signs our business needs funding

As a small business owner, you will have a lot of expenses while expanding your company and getting new clients. Often, most business owners don't realise the state of their finances until there is a lack of funding

Business funding can assist you in properly managing your cash flow to promote growth and expansion. Here are four situations that business owners need to get funding for:


You realise that your company has developed well over the past few months or years, but you also realise that there is more growth needed. In this situation, it is necessary to plan your next move and see if you are financially secure to make the move. You need funding for various aspects like advertising, expanding your office space and marketing.

Cash Flow Management

Poor planning leads to negative cash flow and the viability of your business is decided through your cash flow. Many small businesses need to spend more than they have to stock inventory or during certain times of the year. Managing your cash flow, regardless of the occasion is important for any business. Get cash flow management tips.


As your business grows, you’ll realise that you can’t handle everything by yourself and so you’ll need to hire new people. In order to do this, you can either make deductions in your existing budget or source additional funding. Whatever you choose, hiring new employees is key to your growth.


In order to compete with bigger companies in your industry, you need to be innovative and develop your products or services further. You cannot expand your business if you only offer what you started off with, as you will fall behind other businesses. You’ll need small business funding for research, development and creation of new products/services.

Moula specialises in help businesses access unsecured business finance to cover cash flow needs and promote growth. If you’re considering a business loan, check out our business loan calculator.


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