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Author: Team @ Moula

All the thoughts, ideas and musings from the Moula team! Covering everything from work/life balance to general finance tips plus everything in between!

A Leap of Faith into Moula

Moula joined the ranks of LinkedIn’s Top Startups in 2019 and our Chief Data Officer, Paul Pesavento was invited to share his story on making the transition from corporate life to Moula.
A Paint Shop Owner Who Offers Invoice Payment Terms To SME Customers

Payment Terms: Research Reveals Lost Opportunities for SMEs

Research commissioned by Moula in mid-2019 has revealed that business-to-business buyers and sellers are being held back by a lack of cash flow. Almost half of businesses looking to grow by purchasing stock, buying equipment or materials, or paying for services are not able to expand due to a lack of funds. While nearly 60% of merchants selling to other businesses offer payment terms, 63% of these businesses report that their cash flow is adversely affected by late payments.
Business Woman At A Desk Considering Her Cash Flow

What Is Cash Flow?

Cash flow is the amount of money (cash) or cash equivalents that move in and out of business. In other words, it’s the increase or the decrease of the amount of cash held by a business. Cash flow (CF) is a factor that people use to determine the viability of a business. If a company can generate positive CF on a regular basis, it’s beneficial for long-term success. On the other hand, businesses experiencing ongoing cash flow shortages are at risk of failure.
Business Owners With Their Inventory Which Are Current Assets

What Are Current Assets?

The term ‘current assets’ is used when analysing the finances of a business. Here we cover the factors that comprise current assets and how they are defined.
Image Of Staff Conducting A PEST Analysis

What Is a PEST Analysis?

A PEST Analysis is a way to examine important factors in the environment to determine what potential changes can affect a business. Here we define what this analysis is and how to conduct one.

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