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Catastrophic Muck-ups With Cupcake Central

The One Where Cupcake Central’s Cookbook Got Burnt

After she was fired from her IT job in the 2009 Global Financial Crisis, the founder and director of Cupcake Central, Sheryl Thai, decided to chase her dream of opening up a cupcake store. Once she’d achieved that, she set her sights on another dream – publishing a cupcake cookbook. And she did, but it turned out to be a catastrophic muck-up.
Persuasive Communication

Persuasive Communication Tips for Small Business Success

Persuasion plays an important part in all aspects of our lives, whether business, family or social. It has been estimated that persuasion is responsible for 30% gross domestic product. For small businesses, persuasion can make the difference between failure and success. Let’s look at the key elements of persuasion and how can boost your business performance.
Family Business

Tips for Overcoming Family Business Challenges

Family businesses provide a foundation for the Australian economy, employing half of the country’s workforce. Around the globe, around 80% of businesses are run by families. In Australia, this figure is 70%. Unfortunately, only 30% stay in business after the transition to the second generation. Even worse, only 12% of family-owned businesses survive to the third generation. Here we’ll uncover some of the challenges a family business can face and ways to overcome them.
Business Networking

Tips for Successful Business Networking

The rise of social media has meant more people are connecting online. While more business networking is being conducted in cyberspace, there still is a place for face-to-face business networking as a way to meet people and develop new business relationships. Here we offer a few tips for leveraging business networking for professional success.
Customer Service

Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Customer Service

Effective customer service drives business success. According to research conducted by American Express, 80% of customers would be willing to pay premium prices for improved customer service. At the same time, only around 4% of customers complain when they feel the service is not up to par. Instead, they will move on to other companies for the product or service they are seeking. Given the importance of customer service, here are a few simple ways you can improve it.
Work-life Balance

Tips for Improving Work-Life Balance

Research has uncovered that work-life balance is the biggest challenge for nearly half of all entrepreneurs. Another survey notes that one-third of employees have difficulty managing their personal and professional lives. Given that a good work-life balance is challenging for both business owners and staff, we will explore some of the ways to move towards an equilibrium between work and personal life.

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