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Woman Analysing ROX Return On Experience

Why ROX (Return on Experience) is the New ROI

Return on experience (ROX) is quickly gaining traction as a way to track the results of investments in customer and employee experiences. If implemented correctly, return on experience can be highly effective in showing how investing time, money in effort invested in improving experiences can generate results. Let’s take a closer look at how to track and apply ROX.
A Sole Trader Working On Construction Project, What Is A Sole Trader

Sole Trader: FAQs about Australian Sole Traders

Accounting for 61 per cent of all businesses, sole traders are the engine of the Australian economy. While much of the media focus is on larger businesses traded on the ASX, small businesses run by sole traders provide a range of products and services to both consumers and businesses. Many sole traders provide trade, creative and professional services. Here we consider the sole trader definition, the most common questions asked about this business structure, and its advantages and disadvantages.
A Businesswoman Working On Online Reputation Management

6 Tips for Online Reputation Management

The online reputation of your business is something you might not think about until a problem arises. But how you are perceived online will influence whether potential customers will purchase your products or services. Let’s look at how you can protect your brand online and enjoy the benefits of online reputation management.
A Person Using A QR Code For Business

QR Codes and How to Use Them in Your Business

QR codes have become part of everyday life with COVID-19 contact tracing, but this is just one of many ways that this technology can be used. Uses for QR codes in business are used in a range of ways to connect and share information with customers. Here’s a quick overview of how this technology works and how to leverage it in your business.
Workers Considering Triple Bottom Line Reporting

Triple Bottom Line and How to Implement It

While there are many ways to measure results in business, the triple bottom line (TBL) is used by businesses to assess the results they are getting based on the sustainability measures they have implemented. Large corporations and governments are more likely to implement this approach, but small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) can also consider implementing it as well. In this overview of TBL, we’ll define the concept and triple bottom line examples.
What Is Imposter Syndrome How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome and How to Overcome It

Do you ever feel like a fraud? Do you ever feel like you lucked out or that you don’t deserve your success? Or that you’ll be found out by your family, friends or colleagues? You’re not alone. Such feelings relate to what is called imposter syndrome – sometimes known as “impostor phenomenon”. It can hold us back in many areas, especially in business and professional life.
Find Office Space

Find Office Space: Tips for SMEs

The concept of the office space has dramatically changed. As COVID-19 grips the world, home and work have become heavily entwined: the kitchen table has become our conference room; we spend hours in the study fielding Zoom calls and emails; we balance the kids’ school work with our actual work.

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