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We're all about honesty and transparency...

…which is why you’ll always know exactly what your payments will look like before taking out a loan with us. We’ll never charge you any sneaky hidden fees, ever.

Use the calculator below to tell us how much you’d like to borrow and what loan term you’d like. Check out what repayments will look like at different interest rates, and then send yourself the results. Just enter your email address, and we’ll send you a clear and simple repayment schedule.

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How much does a Moula loan cost?

At Moula, we keep pricing simple. Other than the loan repayment, the only thing we charge is a simple interest rate. Our rates range between 0.75% and 2% per fortnight on your outstanding balance.

What are the extra fees?

We don’t charge any hidden fees at all. Other lenders will often advertise certain rates, but then catch you out with hidden fees.

What fees and charges should I look out for from other lenders?

Application fee: Similar to an establishment fee, many lenders charge an application fee, which is payable even if your loan application is declined. We don’t charge an application fee and never will.

Direct debit fees: Some lenders will charge you a few dollars every time you make a repayment. Although this may only seem like small change, a $3 direct debit fee can turn into hundreds – or even thousands of dollars – if you’re repayments are weekly or daily. We don’t charge any direct debit fees at all.

Establishment fees (also known as origination fees): This is sometimes a standard flat fee, but more often than not is calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount. At Moula, the establishment fee is zero.

Early repayment fees: If you’re ready to pay off your loan early, congrats! At Moula, we’ll be delighted to see you close out your loan early, and we won’t punish you for this, ever. Many lenders will require you to pay a penalty for early repayment or will charge you interest on all the remaining loan amount. Always read your loan agreement carefully and know what the terms are if you want to pay out early.

*The Fine Print

Rates start at 0.75% per fortnight; other rates may apply based on the assessment of your business during the loan application process.

The information provided in the calculator above is indicative only. Rates will vary based on our assessment. The calculator and the results generated do not constitute an offer of credit from Moula. To apply for a Moula loan, you must complete an online application. For more information about pricing, see our Moula Fee Statement.

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