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Cash Flow Loan

Cash Flow Loan: What Is It?

A cash flow loan is used to meet working capital needs and is based on using a company's future cash flow to make repayments. Small businesses that need to boost working capital but don't have collateral can get this type of business loan to cover working capital needs.
Cash Flow Tips

Tips for Avoiding a Christmas Cash Flow Crunch

Summer holiday time in Australia can be a cash flow nightmare for many businesses. Although retail spending is booming before Christmas and during Boxing Day sales, many business-to-business companies can experience a big downturn in sales from mid-December until the end of January. Here we offer a few ideas to get avoid a summer cash flow crunch.
Factor Rate

What Is a Factor Rate?

If you have researched the business finance options available, you have probably come across the term ‘factor rate’. A factor rate is a common way for pricing certain types of business finance, including short-term business loans and merchant cash advances. If you are considering a loan that is quoted using a factor rate, it’s essential that you know what it is and what you are really paying.
Business Loans In Australia

Overcoming the Challenge of Getting Business Loans in Australia

Getting business loans in Australia can be challenging, especially for small to medium enterprises that haven’t been in business for a long time. The problem of business loans in Australia affects the ability of businesses to grow and increase employment. Here we’ll examine the causes of lack of business loans for SMEs in Australia and ways to overcome the challenge.
Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance in Australia: The Pros and Cons

Invoice finance – also called invoice factoring, invoice discounting, debtor finance and accounts receivable finance – is a way for companies with unpaid invoices to receive their cash faster. Companies that offer payment terms can have a lot of money ‘locked up’ in their invoices while waiting for payment. For a large business, this could amount to millions of dollars outstanding. Here we cover the pros and cons of invoice finance in Australia.
Government Business Loans

Government Small Business Loans: A Short Guide

Australian businesses needing finance might not be aware that government business loans are an option, as you more often hear about government grants and assistance. But in reality, there are many forms of financial assistance from government agencies, including business loans. These loans are either interest-free or offered for low-interest rates.

What Types of Collateral Can You Use for a Business Loan?

In contrast to unsecured business loans, secured business loans require some form of collateral. Secured business loans have some advantages over unsecured loans, including lower interest rates and the ability to borrow a higher loan amount. If you are considering getting a secured business loan, you might be wondering what you can use as collateral.
Business Loan Fees

Business Loan Fees and Business Loan Rates

Business loan rates and business loan fees can be confusing. Many options are available with different interest rates. In addition, varying fees and charges apply across the spectrum of business finance. To clear up any confusion you might have about business banking, we will take a closer look at business loan fees and rates.
Initial Public Offering

Is an Initial Public Offering (IPO) the Way to Go for Your Business?

Faced with stricter borrowing requirements from banks, more small to medium enterprises are considering all the options. One of these is ‘going public’ with an initial public offering (IPO). In Australia, there are around 2,400 publicly listed companies. Although you often hear about the large companies of the ASX 200 or ASX 500, you don’t have to be a large multinational business to get listed.
Angel Investors

What Are Angel Investors?

If you have done any research about starting a business or getting investment for an existing business, you’ve probably heard about angel investors. If you don’t know what an angel investor does, we’ll answer your questions here.

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