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Guide To GST - Goods And Services Tax

GST Guide for Small Business

For small business owners, GST (good and services tax) is an issue that comes up regularly. When starting out, a business owner must determine whether to register for GST. Australian businesses that have registered for the goods and services tax then need to account and pay the tax to the ATO. Here we’ll cover the elements that small business owners need to consider to meet requirements connected with the goods and services tax.
Business Loan Guide

Business Loans Australia: The Complete Guide

If you’re like many small business owners, you probably have asked “How can I get a business loan?” or “Is it hard to get a business loan?” Getting a business loan for a small-to-medium enterprise in Australia can be a challenge. Before overcoming some of the hurdles to prove you can responsibly take on the loan, you need to decide which loan is best for your business.
A Broker's Guide To SMART Box

A Broker’s Guide to SMART Box™

If you're a broker assisting clients with business finance, you know how hard it is to objectively compare loans. SMART Box™ was created to solve this problem. It’s a simple and effective tool for disclosing standardised pricing of small business loans. See how SMART Box™ works and how it can help you serve clients seeking business finance.
Alternative Business Lending

What is Alternative Business Lending?

With banks tightening small business lending, a growing number of small business owners have been looking for financing options to grow their businesses. Let’s take a look at why more small business owners are seeking alternative business lending options and how non-traditional business lenders are providing lending options for small business.

What is SMART Box™ and How Does It Help Small Business Owners?

When it comes to comparing small business loans, it’s easy to get confused. If you try to compare loans from several lenders, it’s difficult to understand what you will actually pay and which one is the best deal. This is because there has not been a standardised way to assess the cost of a small business loan – until now. SMART Box™ is a simple tool for disclosing standardised pricing of small business loans. Let’s look at how SMART Box™ works and why it has been developed.

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