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Understanding Data Linking

So why do we request you link your banking data? Aside from saving you 4 hours in your application, it allows us to make a fast, informed decision without any messy paperwork.

Why do you need to link your data?

Moula requests you link your accounting or banking information so we can assess your loan quickly without the messy paperwork the banks demand. We require 5 minutes of view-only access to review your trading history to determine how much we can lend.

The numbers behind our data security

Security Shield

6 layers of encryption when you log in to link your data

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93% of business owners link their data

We're Faster

4 hours faster (35%) approval linking data vs offline review

The what and why of data linking

Once you link your online accounting or banking information, we only view your primary and linked accounts.

We have view-only access and take a few minutes to securely review your business transaction information. While we may review all linked accounts, your primary business trading account is used to determine how much we can lend. If you don’t have online accounting, we can review your business banking information too.

No. Never.

We never view, access or store your login details or information.


We only need access for a few minutes. We never view any passwords, account login details or any personal information. We simply review your trading history and cash flow to determine how much we can lend.

No. Never. We only have view-only access.

We only view your accounting or banking history for a few minutes. We never have permission or the capacity to touch your funds, make transactions, or access any login information.

Your data is securely stored in accordance with the Commonwealth Government’s Privacy Act 1988.

Your data is protected with the same level of security as other financial institutions. Our Privacy and Credit Policies provide an in-depth explanation.

Yes, but only after you give us permission, and only when we are prepared to lend and subject to an acceptable credit check.

Because we back good business responsibly, we complete a credit check to confirm a reasonable and affordable loan amount for your business. We’ll never run a credit check without your consent, and we do this at the final stage of the application.

We also check your identity as required by Australian legal requirements. To make this as quick and easy as possible, we prefer to do this online. If you’d prefer we do the identity check offline, we need certified copies of relevant identification sent in the post. This takes longer but if you’d prefer the offline check, call us and we can talk you through the process.

No. We only access your data for about five minutes.

Our unique underwriting technology takes a few minutes to review your financial history – it’s not a live feed.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about data linking, start a live chat
or call us weekdays 9am – 5pm on 1300 88 09 72.


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