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Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance: A Short Guide from Moula

Small business finance can be a crucial step to grow your business. However, it could be challenging to understand the range of business funding available and which one is most suitable for you. Here we’ll examine some of the most common forms of small business finance.

Overtrading – The Downside of Business Growth

In business, growing revenue and profit is usually seen as something positive. But there is a downside to growth called overtrading. This occurs when a business expands quickly and does not have the finance in place to fund growth. The result is a lack of working capital to cover day-to-day expenses while sales are growing.
Manufacturing Loan

Manufacturing Business Loans – Powering a Key Australian Business Sector

Manufacturing business loans support an important sector of Australia’s economy. Although you might have read about the decline of Australian manufacturing, the figures paint a different picture. As of November 2017, 885,000 people were employed in manufacturing in Australia. This accounted for 7% of people employed, making manufacturing the sixth largest employer. The manufacturing industry also plays a pivotal role in innovation, with 5% of sector value invested in research and development in Australia.
Cash Flow

9 Ways to Overcome a Cash Flow Crunch

Cash flow is a constant challenge for many small to medium businesses. There are many reasons why businesses run into a cash flow crunch – it could be slow debt collection, bad debt, seasonal sales fluctuations, overinvestment in production capacity, or too much stock. Whatever the cause, a cash flow crunch can be a threat to business survival. Here are a few things business owners can do to overcome a cash flow crunch.
How To Calculate Return On Investment | ROI Calculator

How to Calculate ROI on a Business Loan

Return on investment (ROI) measures investment performance. It calculates the profit as a percentage of the initial investment amount. A positive ROI means you will make more money than you invested. ROI can be the critical difference between ugly debt and positive growth.
Government Grants

Government Grants for Small Business in Australia

Government grants for small business are often overlooked as a way to finance and grow a small business. In Australia, the Commonwealth and state governments offer a diverse range of government grants for companies of all sizes. Here we’ll look at some of the types of government grants and other assistance offered for a range of scenarios.
Unsecured Business Loans In Australia

Five Common Unsecured Business Loans in Australia

If you are running a growing business, access to funds can be a challenge – especially if you don’t have property you can use as collateral. Fortunately, there’s a range of unsecured business loans in Australia that you can choose from. If you need funds to grow your business, here are some unsecured business loan options available.
Peer-to-peer Lending

What is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

The internet has broken down barriers and made it possible for people to connect in new ways. One of these is peer-to-peer lending, also called marketplace lending. So what is it? Simply put, peer-to-peer lending matches investors with people looking to borrow money. Using an online platform, peer-to-peer lending makes it possible to bypass traditional lenders – such as banks, credit unions and building societies – by connecting lenders and borrowers.

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