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Partner Insights with Michael Cane

Moula Partner Insights with Michael Cane

A quick interview with Westminster broker Michael Cane about how he's used Moula to help his clients, and diversify his portfolio.

What's your professional background?

“My background is banking and structured finance. Here in Western Australia, I’ve held state manager roles for major banks in sales, and risk. I joined Westminster as a broker two-and-half years ago. My focus is on servicing SME businesses, property investors and developers, self-employed, and professional clients.”

Can you tell us about your experience using Moula?

“The Moula team are very responsive. They’re always looking for a way to provide a solution for the client. And if they can’t make it work, they let you know really quickly and provide details of the issues so you can have an educated conversation with your clients. When I explain Moula to potential clients and partners, I tell them Moula is like old school banking, but with technology to speed things up.”

What kind of clients have been a good fit for Moula?

I’ve found Moula suitable for multiple industries. Ultimately, Moula is best for clients who need short-term funding for a good opportunity.

Why would you choose Moula over another lender?

Apart from the great service, Moula’s biggest point of difference is their no hidden fees policy – that means no upfront costs, no early repayment costs, and no monthly direct debit fees. All the other lenders have some, or all, of these fees and I don’t believe it’s transparent for the client. With Moula, the client is told the interest rate and that’s what they pay. It’s simple and transparent.

How has Moula impacted your business as a whole?

I’ve used Moula as a lead product. I’m able to provide a solution for clients with an immediate need, which then gives me an opportunity to review and win all of their business.

What advice would you have for brokers looking to start using fintech lenders?

Understand the products, the costs, the processes, and the differences. The fintech space is continuing to grow as they are servicing clients’ needs in a way the majors are now struggling to do. It may not be right for every client but, as a broker, being able to provide multiple options to resolve a client’s need is critical.


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