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Partner Insights with Vijay Reddy and Abhishek Maharaj

Moula Partner Insights with Vijay Reddy and Abhishek Maharaj of Winquote SME Finance

Here's a quick interview with Moula Partners Vijay Reddy and Abhishek Maharaj of Winquote SME Finance about how they have used Moula to help their clients.

What's your professional background?

Vijay, our Director and Practice Manager, has over 40 years of banking experience, including manager roles for ANZ, and founding Winquote SME Finance 18 years ago.

Abhishek, our General Manager for the last 9 years, brings his 15 years of banking experience.

Can you tell us about your experience using Moula?

Moula is delightful to work with. Their team is very welcoming and helpful in assisting our clients with finance.

Not only does their offering add another product line to our business, which gives our clients more options for their short-term business financing requirements, but the turnaround times for responses to finance applications have also been amazing. We’ve had approvals in less than two hours and 24-hour settlements. This is previously unheard of in the financial industry.

What kind of clients have been a good fit for Moula?

Our speciality is in the SME space, and we have found that Moula is great with backing small to medium-sized businesses with finance when they need it.

Cash flow is most important to our clients’ businesses, and Moula has been there to assist with their needs. We’ve seen them help many of our retail business clients where cash flow is high, but there aren’t any receivables invoices or property security that might be used for a more traditional type of funding solution.

Moula has also assisted our business clients who are growing fast and need quick finance solutions.

Why would you choose Moula over another lender?

We have a strong, great relationship with Moula and this is key to our business so that we are able to achieve several things for our customers. They provide quick finance solutions.  We have received approvals when other traditional finance providers might say ‘no’ or take longer in the application process. They have a great and supportive team at Moula.

Moula drives for results and their finance offering makes a difference to our business and clients. We are 100% confident in their service.

How has Moula impacted your business as a whole?

Moula has assisted our business in building more goodwill for our current client base. They provide prompt answers to finance applications and an additional lending solution, which means our clients get close to immediate outcomes to help them plan for business growth. We have more confidence in offering our clients finance solutions because we know that Moula has transparent approvals and settlements, meaning our clients get their cash flow quicker and easier.

What advice would you have for brokers looking to start using fintech lenders?

Give fintech lenders a go with at least one client. From this referral, you will experience the benefits of dealing with them. It’s important to have multiple solutions for your clients, therefore fintech lenders should be another product in the diverse product range and solutions you are offering your clients.

All markets are moving forward with technological advancements, and finance shouldn’t be left behind. As consultants in the ever-changing finance industry, it’s key to staying in the game by positively embracing changes and new trends.


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