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Partner Insights with William Hamer

Moula Partner Insights with Michael Hamer

A quick interview with LH Financial Group's William Hamer, about how he's used Moula to help his clients, and stay ahead of an evolving financial landscape.

What's your professional background?

I have more than seven years’ experience in the finance services sector. Prior to starting in financial services, I worked as a qualified diesel mechanic and I was fortunate enough to gain vast experience in the Australian automotive industry throughout my early 20s. I used these skills and my product knowledge to secure a new role in the Asset Finance division of ANZ (Esanda). After working in both the banking and asset finance broking sector, I took the leap to partner with Nick Lowe to create our business, LH Financial Group. We have built our business based on trust and transparency, supported by long-term customer relationships.

Can you tell us about your experience using Moula?

We have been advocates of Moula for a few years now. Moula’s extensive investment in their online platform and digital technology on has allowed them to be standouts in the market place. Moula’s dynamic product offering and assessment process, through the use of everyday banking and accounting technology, has made our choice to do business with them an easy one.

What kind of clients have been a good fit for Moula?

One of Moula’s strengths is that they price their products specifically around the strengths of their applicant, so I am always confident that the offer received for my client is in line with, and in most cases better than other competitors in this space.

Why would you choose Moula over another lender?

As other brokers would agree, there generally aren’t enough hours in the day to get our work done! Moula’s investment in their online portal and digital technology ensures the process is as efficient as possible. This allows us more time to attend to other matters with the confidence that the application is being taken care of. Other lenders processes can be more time intensive, and sometimes less efficient.

How has Moula impacted your business as a whole?

We have built our business and maintain a large client base through trustworthiness, transparency and results. Moula come to the party to ensure that we are able to meet our objectives and expectations with each and every client we refer.

What advice would you have for brokers looking to start using fintech lenders?

Trust in the process! The financial world is a constantly evolving machine. With new and improved ways of assessing, maintaining and producing financial outcomes for your client, resistance to change can be common, as change can create doubt. Five years ago, the thought of linking bank statements digitally to then be sent to a lender for assessment would have sounded unsafe and unnecessary. Now, this process is not only a normal, familiar action to follow – it has since proven to be one of the most accurate and informative ways to ensure the loan is suitable for both the lender and the client. To be ahead of the game, brokers must embrace new and improved ways of servicing their clients.


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