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Mason Dixon: Building the American Dream in Melbourne

In his first five minutes of trade, having only sold three sandwiches, Garrett Huston smashed the door on one of his restaurant’s refrigerators, showering glass over all the day’s stock. The opening day of Mason Dixon ended in anything but triumph. But day two was far more successful and now, almost four years later, they have two locations in Melbourne’s CBD with plans for further expansion.
Credit Policies And Procedures

Credit Policies and Procedures to Protect Your Business

Would you like to provide loans to people you didn’t know very well? It doesn’t sound too wise, but many businesses are in the finance business by default. In effect, when you offer invoice payment terms to your customers, you're providing short-term loans to them. Companies that don't have sound credit policies and procedures are assuming unnecessary risks and can jeopardise their existence. Here we’ll look at ways to minimise your risk with credit policies and procedures.

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