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Business Woman At A Desk Considering Her Cash Flow

Cash Flow: What It Is and How to Improve It

Cash flow (sometimes spelled cashflow) is the amount of money (cash) or cash equivalents that move in and out of business. In other words, it’s the increase or the decrease of the amount of cash held by a business. Cash flow (CF) is a factor that people use to determine the viability of a business. If a company can generate positive CF on a regular basis, it’s beneficial for long-term success. On the other hand, businesses experiencing ongoing cash flow shortages are at risk of failure.
Business Owners With Their Inventory Which Are Current Assets

What Are Current Assets?

The term ‘current assets’ is used when analysing the finances of a business. Here we cover the factors that comprise current assets and how they are defined.
A Business Person Analysing Their Debtor Days Also Know As Debtor Days Ratio

Debtor Days and How to Calculate Them

Debtor days measures how long on average it takes for a business to get paid after an invoice has been issued. Here we’ll cover how to calculate debtor days and why they are an important factor to be aware of when managing a business.
Woman Using A Tablet To Transact With Her Neobank.

What Is a Neobank?

Neobank is becoming a more common term, as this type of financial institution becomes more widespread. Here we explain what neobanks are and how they differ from traditional banks.
A Business Owner Talking About Her Business Microloan

What Is a Business Microloan?

A business microloan is often the best option for micro and small businesses seeking to grow. Let’s look at the definition of this type of loan, how it can be accessed and how business owners can use small loans, also known as micro loans, to boost their business.
Image Of A Person Analysing A Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement: A Short Guide for SMEs

A cash flow statement is one of three financial statements that are crucial for any organisation. The other two are the income statement and balance sheet. Here we’ll take a closer look at this important financial statement and how it works.

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