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Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms: Which Are the Best Ones for SMEs?

“Which social media platforms should I use to market my business?” This is an important question asked by business owners and managers. Businesses that choose the wrong social media platforms waste time and money and don’t get the results they're looking for from their content marketing efforts. Here we unpack the top 8 social media platforms for business, including their pros and cons.
This Happy Woman Is A Business Success

Business Success Tips: 6 Key Steps to Make It Happen

Business success isn't easy. Whether you’re just starting out or have done it all before, navigating the SME world can be challenging. But it can be done. As long as you’re willing to be flexible, patient, practical and open to all possibilities, you’re more likely to achieve business success. Here are six key steps to running a successful business.
Man Looking At JobKeeper Information On His Computer

JobKeeper: Is Your Business Eligible?

In late July 2020, the JobKeeper payment was extended by an additional six months to March 2021. Besides extending the program, other changes were made including lower payment rates. Let’s look at the details more closely to understand the JobKeeper extension. If you’re not sure if your business qualifies for JobKeeper, here we cover the latest updates.
Business Loan With No Assets

How to Get a Business Loan with No Assets

Getting a business loan with no assets might seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, there are options for getting small business finance even if you don’t have property or assets to use as collateral. Here’s a rundown of what the terms mean, and what your options are for getting a business loan without collateral.
Remote Work

Understanding the New World of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to major changes in how many people work, including remote working and increased flexibility. While these changes bring benefits, they also raise challenges that need to be addressed. Let’s look at the benefits and challenges of working remotely, and how to make it work.
Cash Flow Lending

What Is Cash Flow Lending?

Cash flow lending is one form of business finance that can help small businesses get the funds they need. Here we’ll define this type of funding and how it compares to its alternatives.

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