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Your time is precious. More so when growing a business, time seems to vanish. When Laural started her business "Get Digital Flow" she was working alone, as she found, it's very difficult to manage all aspects of a business at once.

Meet Laurel and hear how she used a Moula Business Loan to help quickly grow and expand her business Get Digital Flow.

Time is Money

Setting up your own business is an exciting adventure, but as the old adage goes “Time is money“. When Laurel Grey, Organisational Analyst, was expanding Get Digital Flow she needed more time.

Startup phase

Get Digital Flow was still in its startup business phase and growing quickly.

When Laurel started her business she was working alone a “solopreneur“. In this situation, it’s often hard to grow at the speed you’d like, taking on large workloads while spreading your time and resources across all areas of the business. Laurel found, first hand, it’s very difficult to manage all different aspects of the business.

After assessing her business plan, she decided for her business to grow across the next 4 to 5 years Laurel would need a strategy that wasn’t just “reactive“.

She needed something more long term in place to create a sustainable growth model for her business.

Time Saver

Laurel did not have much of a time frame, so going to banks was not an option and with a quick search online, she found Moula.

Going online and applying was a quick and simple process entering all the information she needed online via the application process.

In just 10 minutes, Laurel was approved for a business loan allowing her to scale her business.

Moula enabled Laurel to rethink her entire business from scratch.

Knowing that she could get the funds to “go and make it happen“. This helped her to view her business differently.

She was no longer just running Get Digital Flow herself; she was able to get staff and focus on scaling the business.

Moula helped Laurel to realize her strategy and start marketing Get Digital Flow as her business rather than just her working solo. This enabled Laurel to free up her time and energy to put her expertise into the areas of the business that helped growth.

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Get Digital Flow

Laurel is an organisational analyst, she helps small businesses pick the right tech tools to streamline their business.

Laural and her team work with you to help modernize your business, get rid of outdated systems and processes allowing you to focus on what really matters.

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