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Learn How Sarah Partnered With Moula

Find A Fabric | Moula Good Business

My name is Sarah, and I’ve been running a business selling giftware and quilting fabrics for over 20 years. Since 2004, I’ve significantly increased sales volumes by selling online. We sell via two main channels:  

We love the flexibility operating an online business affords, however, we’re also conscious of the growing number of online sellers, and so where possible, source quality products that are difficult for others to find.

Short term finance

Recently, we needed access to short-term finance to replace our delivery vehicle. While our cash flows are healthy and consistent, we required a small loan fast.  Despite the fact we have a healthy credit history and reliable cash flows, we knew that talking to a bank would be a slow process.  At the same time, we heard about Moula: a new lending platform that provides working capital to online merchants.

Introducing Moula

We got online, logged into Moula and quickly completed their application process. The process was entirely painless and not only were we approved, we had the money in our bank account within 24 hours… and we now have a new car in our garage.

Moula is simple, honest, and fast. I’ve already referred it to fellow eBay merchants and you should too!  The big banks should pay attention, these new lending businesses are paving the way for small businesses and helping them grow.


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