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The Hunger Project: Fiona Dickson’s Humanitarian Trip to Uganda

In May this year, our very own BDM, Fiona Dickson, fundraised her way to Uganda as part of a 20-person team supporting The Hunger Project!

The Hunger Project is a not for profit organisation that works to break the cycle of poverty, with a vision to end world hunger by 2030. The organisation and their network of partners have reached more than 17 million people worldwide, across 16,000 communities and 12 countries. The Hunger Project aims to empower men and women living in rural villages by providing sustainable practices and empowering people to bring themselves out of hunger.

Fiona’s story was even picked up by Australian Broker magazine and you can read her full feature article in their latest issue.

“I believe that now – more than ever – in the face of global instability, rapid environmental change and political unrest, positive action driven by people like you and me is required.”

The Hunger Project spends about 12 years in impoverished communities, providing education, training and support to community members so that they can learn how to build the infrastructure to lift themselves out of poverty. Fiona was part of a team of volunteers that assisted with the establishment of community-led, sustainable strategies for growth in rural towns. She visited three different communities in Uganda, all at different stages of the 12-year process.

She said that the differences between those communities that were just beginning and those that were moving close to self-reliance were stark. The self-reliant communities had transformed and the people were thriving!

The work that Fiona did in Uganda and everything that The Hunger Project is doing worldwide is absolutely awesome. If you want to learn more about what the Hunger Project does and how you can help, visit their website here.

Image Credit: Australian Broker

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