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Small Business Loans In A Nutshell Small Business Loans

Moula knows small business. We understand that it's no easy task to build and grow a small business. Time, effort and, often, cash flow are all limited resources. We know that small businesses need cash to grow and we are here to help.

At Moula we can loan up to $250,000 to small business. Small businesses often have different cash flow requirements to big businesses, which is why our product is tailored specifically for small businesses.

Moula Small Business Loans

For small businesses, getting access to loans has always been a challenge. Normally this means a meeting with a bank and a bank manager which can take a long time. Even setting up a meeting itself is a lengthy process, let alone getting access to the funds. The application process takes six to eight weeks on average and two-thirds of businesses will be rejected by banks.

Access To Small Business Loans

Moula knows small businesses need cash to grow.

We know that access to getting a loan is a challenge unless you’re lucky enough to have investors or a wealthy relative.

At Moula we see many good small businesses having to jump through hoops to get a loan, then after weeks of waiting, they’ll often get a… “NO“.

In 2015 two-thirds of small business applicants were rejected by banks Share on X

Alternative Small Business Loans

In response to this, there are now many kinds of “non-bank” lenders offering flexible and personal finance to fill the gap in the small business loan space.

Non-bank lenders include traditional institutions like debtor financiers and asset-based lenders who require you to have some kind of asset, like a house, to tie down security for the loan.

The new “stars of the show” are the online lenders like Moula who provide unsecured business loans. This has transformed the lending world, using technology and online business data to assess loans and give quick approvals.

Often this allows small businesses access to funds within 24 hours.

Using a smarter way to analyse businesses performance less time is wasted waiting around for approval, which means less hassle and paperwork making the entire small business loan experience a lot more friendly.

This allows Moula to help more small businesses get access the finance they need to grow. This is great news for small to medium business who can now apply for a loan online and receive the funds on the next business day.

Moula are helping more small businesses to get the finance they need to grow Share on X

Moula. Small Business Loans. Quick. Smart

There are lots of small business loan lenders to check out, but the most important things to check for are lenders with:

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Know Exactly What You Can Expect To Pay Before You Sign Up

The exciting new age of lending means your small business has a better chance of getting a loan.

Contact Moula to discuss your business needs

For an unsecured business loan you can trust, without the long wait, try Moula. Business loans. Quick. Smart.

Australia’s leading online provider of small business loans. Borrow up to $250,000. No hidden fees, no hassle. Moula Money.

Learn more about online business loans from Moula.


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