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Why Batman Would Use Moula

Batman probably isn’t a small business owner (as far as we know). But if he was, he’d be using Moula. How do we know this? Well, there are a few clues...

Batman is quick

Batman’s speeds on foot are estimated to be between 20-22 miles per hour. To compare, the average person is somewhere around 12-15 mph. Usain Bolt reached 27.8 mph, but Batman has armour under his costume, which weighs him down. Without armour, it’s quite possible that Batman would beat Bolt.

Moula is quick. You can apply for a loan in under ten minutes. Ten minutes! That’s faster than it takes to cook your pasta al dente and plate it. That’s faster than it took you to get out of bed this morning.

Once you’ve applied, our friendly contact center team will let you know if your application has been approved within 24 hours. Yep, we’re that fast. That’s faster than it takes to watch the full marathon of Star Wars movies (with half an hour break between each).  It’s also faster than banks, which take an average of 21 business days to approve your loan. 21 business days is around a month. Think of all the things you could do with a whole extra month of your life.

Batman is smart

Batman wouldn’t get stuck in a business loan with hidden fees and dodgy fine print. In fact, Batman wouldn’t pay any extra fees at all. He’d get a smart loan, with no hidden fees and no hassle. He’d also make sure not to get locked into a loan contract which he couldn’t get out of. He’d get a loan with no penalty for early repayment. Batman always has an escape strategy.

Batman doesn’t wait

Ever bumped into Batman while waiting in line at the Post Office? Of course not. Batman doesn’t wait for someone else to make things happen for him. In fact, Batman doesn’t waste time waiting around at all. Batman goes in and takes control of the situation. Batman makes it happen.

Moula doesn’t wait around either. We make it happen. Batman wouldn’t wait for someone to approve his business loan, just like he wouldn’t wait for Elon Musk to finish developing the awesome new Tesla. Why wait around for a Tesla when you can drive a Batmobile? Which brings us to our next point:

Batman has the best technology

Have you seen the Batmobile? The Batpod? Batman is a disruptor. He doesn’t drive around in a 1908 Ford Model T, or a bicycle. Batman reinvented his own wheels. And that’s just the beginning. Batman has the Bat Beacon, explosive gel, the Bat Signal, a memory cloth cape, and oh so much more.

Moula has the best tech in town, too. We don’t do paperwork or use filing cabinets. We don’t use feathers and ink, either. We developed our own proprietary tech platform for approving business loans. We built it in Australia, for Australian businesses, which is why we’re able to approve so many Australian businesses which can’t access finance elsewhere. But enough about us.

Batman is the good guy

He does the right thing. He’ll take one for the team – or even for humanity – because it’s the right thing to do. He enjoys being smooth, being savvy, and being a hero. He enjoys having the best tech in town, and having the slickest ride. But that’s not what it’s about for him. It’s about being the good guy, and helping others. Batman would never lend money to someone at interest rates they couldn’t afford to pay. In fact, Batman would never do any kind of deal which he didn’t believe was good for society. Just like Moula.

Want to be quick like Batman, smart like Batman? Use Moula.


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