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Refinance Your Business Debts

Don’t let business debt hold you back from growing your business. Moula can provide access to finance solutions to refinance all kinds of business-related debt or outstanding ATO debt.

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What is Business
Debt Refinancing?

Business debt refinancing (or business debt consolidation) is basically replacing or combining all of your previous loans and credit obligations into one loan with one lender. This way you will have one single repayment schedule with one set interest rate. Refinancing can cover anything from outstanding ATO tax debt to overdue supplier debt.

Businesses generally look to refinance or consolidate their debt to free up cash flow and streamline their repayments. Typically, a business would look for a debt consolidation loan when they have several, usually smaller debts that they want to lump into one easy-to-manage payment. If a business has a larger, long-standing debt, they may look to refinance that debt with another lender to reduce their interest rate or shorten their loan term etc.

If a business has a debt that is due immediately but they don’t have the capital on hand, they can take out a loan to pay for the debt and spread the payments out over several months. Alternatively, if a business has a long-term debt payment plan in place but has a recent increase in profits and capital, they can refinance their debt to a shorter term to finalise the debt quicker.

When to Refinance or Consolidate
Your Business Debt:

Lower Repayments

Refinancing can often lead to lower a lower interest rate, resulting in easier cash flow management and budgeting. When you refinance, you reset the clock with a smaller balance than your original loan and more time to repay, so your repayments will decrease.

Combine Smaller Business Debts

If your business has multiple loans then it might make sense to consolidate them all into a single repayment. This makes it easier to keep track of payments with one lender.

Determine Your Loan Term

When you refinance you can choose to have a shorter loan term, in order to pay off the debt quicker. Alternatively, if you have a debt that is due immediately, you can refinance that debt and extend the loan repayments as flexibly as you want.

Repay ATO Debt

ATO tax debt can be a pain and the payment plans the ATO puts in place never suit businesses. It’s often easier (and cheaper) to use a business loan to pay of the ATO debt outright and then make repayments with another lender.

What Are the Benefits of
Unsecured Debt Refinancing?

Refinancing your business debts gives you much more control and flexibility than is typically offered on your original debt agreement. In most cases, refinancing and consolidating your business debts results in a lower interest rate and more manageable repayments.

Having more control over your business repayment schedule and only having a single point of repayments will give you easier cash flow management and free up more budget for other parts of your business. Unlike many debt agreements, Moula’s loans are simple, straightforward and transparent, so you will be able to control your loan term, repayment schedule and have clarity around interest rates.

Additionally, many debt repayments are secured with business assets, or even the business itself. However, because Moula’s loans are unsecured you won’t be putting your business or property at risk when repaying your debt.

Are you a small business owner looking for working capital with no hidden fees and no hassle?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

  • An ABN or ACN
  • At least 12 months in business
  • Minimum of $5,000 in monthly sales

Reviews - by Moula customers on Trustpilot.
Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 1,744 reviews.

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