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Perth business owner?

Get a business loan in under 24 hours.

At Moula, you can get funding in 24 hours

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To get started, all you need is

  • Active ABN or ACN
  • 6+ months in business
  • $10,000+ in monthly sales

Perth offers endless work and business opportunities

Greater Perth is made up of just over 2 million people and more than 176,000 businesses in operation1 with the retail, healthcare, construction and manufacturing industries leading the way2.

In a time of rapid growth and development, predictions have been set that the City of Perth will contain over 50,000 people and offer 180,000 jobs by 20503, with robust plans in place to accommodate future economic and global trends.

Business Loans Perth -

Perth Business Loans

Endless growth opportunities

A favourable city that offers enjoyable climate and quality of life all year round, Perth has been deemed as a great place in which to do business and to live4.

Attracting 2.24 million visitors from interstate and overseas each year5, this city bursting with culture, community and collaboration is set to offer endless opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Perth Business Loans -

Is your small business ready to
keep up with the growth?

Now is the time to prepare for the unprecedented growth that will occur in this bright and bustling part of east-coast Australia. With more residents and visitors making Perth their destination of choice, all small business owners must keep up with the growing demand by investing into and expanding their own business.

You may have great plans to prosper, with intentions of more advertising and promotion, increasing your staff head count or investing into better equipment and facilities. However, we understand it’s not easy for small businesses to access much-needed capital and cashflow to achieve your goals and that many owners like yourself in Perth are often denied lending6.

If you’ve been shut down by big boys at the big banks, then consider Moula. We specialise in making the small business loan process as simple as possible, all the while giving you access to Moula money within 24 hours.

A Perth business loan
in under 24 hours

Rather than being caught up in the impossible lending criteria and tedious paperwork that larger financial institutions demand, wouldn’t it be better for you to focus on great business ideas and innovations to keep you ahead of the game?

Moula has a TrustScore of 4.8 out of 5 based on 1,744 reviews from real business owners on Trustpilot. Don’t just take our word for it, though, read reviews from our customers.

Moula analyses your business’ data providing funding that is relevant and appropriate to help you grow. Funding is generally between $10,000 and $250,000.

If you need more than $250,000, contact us at or on 1300 88 09 72.

To be eligible for a Moula loan, you need to have:

  • An ABN or ACN
  • have been in business for at least 6 months
  • at least $10,000 in monthly sales

Just a 2% loan establishment fee. We’ll deposit the loan into your nominated business bank account without any hidden fees or costs. Read our Fee Statement here.

The easiest business
loan in Perth.

From the local butcher to the coffee and cake connoisseur, digital agency and industrial cleaner, Moula can help any small business operating in all niches get quick access to funds. We are an innovative, responsible and transparent lender with one simple goal – to help small businesses in Perth grow.

In less than 10 minutes, you can apply online and get instant approval for up to $250,000. Moula will let you know if you’ve been approved and have the money in your account ready to go, all in under 24 hours.

What do you need to apply?

  • An ABN or ACN
  • At least 6 months in business
  • Minimum of $10,000 in monthly sales

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