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Selling to business?
Get paid upfront.

Why become a Moula Pay Merchant Partner?

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Attract customers

Give business customers up to 3 months free from interest and repayments.
Buy More, Pay Later | Moula Pay

Sell more, more often

Moula Pay invites your customers to access up to $250,000, increasing their purchasing power.
Pay Fast | Moula Pay

Get paid upfront

Every time your customer pays with Moula Pay, you get paid upfront.

Better payment terms

With Moula Pay, you can attract more customers who buy more, more often, while getting paid upfront.
Any transaction up to $250,000
Customers can use Moula Pay as many times as they need within their spend limit
Goods and services ordered online and in-store
Customers repay on their terms, with up to 3 months free from interest and repayments

Moula Pay in 3 simple steps

Simple finance, for you and your customers
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Start offering Moula Pay

Become a Moula Pay Merchant Partner and we’ll help market Moula Pay to your customers.

Moula Pay Mobile

Customers use Moula Pay

Your customers will get up to 3 months free from interest and repayments.

Pay Fast | Moula Pay

Get paid upfront

Improve your cash flow by getting paid upfront for each transaction.

Streamlined payments

Moula Pay | Accounting Platforms

There’s more for you when you become a Moula Pay Merchant Partner. Personalise your invoices with QR codes, giving your customers the ability to scan and pay with Moula Pay, right away.

Ready to get paid upfront?

Become a Moula Pay Merchant Partner today and make chasing invoices a thing of the past.
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Merchant Partner FAQs

Start an application, and we’ll give you a call within 48 hours to finish the process. It’s that easy. We’ll go over a set of assessment criteria and quickly get you up and running.

With Moula Pay, there are no setup costs, ongoing fees, or lock-in contracts. Merchant service fees are charged per transaction, and dependent on your business. We’ll let you know your merchant service fee during the set-up process.

After becoming a Merchant Partner, you’ll get access to our Merchant Dashboard. From anywhere at any time, this will give you the ability to request payments, process refunds, and refer your business customers to Moula Pay. You’ll also get a clear picture of your customers’ transaction history.

You’ll have a single point of contact helping you build your business through Moula Pay. If you have any questions, your dedicated Account Manager is just a phone call away.

Log in to your account and go to Make a referral. This will bring up a form titled, Refer a new business. Once you’ve filled in your customer’s details, click Send new referral.

Remind your customer to check their email and follow the prompts to apply for Moula Pay. In terms of timing, we’ll contact them within 1 business day to follow up on their application, then they’ll be ready to go.

After logging in to your account, go to Process a refund. Fill in the transaction’s details before clicking the button, Process refund, to authorise the refund process. Once we receive the funds, we’ll credit your customer’s Moula Pay account within the month as a repayment, freeing up their available spend limit.

Plenty. Your business customers get up to 3 months free from interest and repayments, plus a spend limit of up to $250,000. They can use Moula Pay to get whatever their business needs within their allocated limit at any participating Merchant Partner.

Your customers can repay on their terms. If they repay during the interest-free period, within the first 3 months of making a purchase, they won’t pay any interest at all. Beyond that, an interest rate of 3% per month will be applied against their daily outstanding principal balance across the month.

Yep, you certainly can. In fact, every time you pay with Moula Pay, you’ll get up to 3 months free from interest and repayments. You can use Moula Pay at any other participating Merchant Partner, getting whatever your business needs up to a spend limit of $250,000. Learn more about Moula Pay for business purchases.

Moula Pay QR code payments allow you to get paid right away simply by displaying your QR code for customers to scan using their smartphone. You don't need any additional devices.

Adding your Moula Pay QR code to an invoice template is a straightforward process. We’ve created a set of guides to walk you through how to add a QR code to Xero, MYOB and Microsoft Word invoices. Learn more about creating invoices with Moula Pay QR codes.

Have questions? Call 1300 88 52 37 from 9am - 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday

Buying for your business?

Moula Pay is a smarter way to pay. With Moula Pay, you can access a spend limit of up to $250,000 and get up to 3 months free from interest and repayments. Your cash flow will thank you later.

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